To Send In Photos For Inclusion

If you have any photographs of events that you would like included, then please send them in, but there are a few things that we need before we can publish any photographs:

  1. Photographs must be submitted by a Guider.

  2. The Guider must confirm that all parents have given permission for the children to be photographed and for the photographs to be used by Girlguiding.

  3. The Guider must confirm that the copyright owner for the photographs (normally the person who took the photograph) agrees to them being published.

If the photographs are of a District or Division event then please include:

  • Title of event

  • Date of event

  • Description of the event, such as what was happening and why, plus anything else you think would be of interest to the reader.

Photographs of District or Division events will be placed on a dedicated "Event" page within the appropriate year under "Past Events". However, if the photographs are of a Unit's own activities or events, then the photographs will be placed on the "Unit Event Photos" page, under "Past Events". There are several reasons for this, including: overhead of uploading/categorizing them, and avoiding the publication of more detail than necessary about which girls are in which units.

It is best to send photographs in as high a resolution as possible; we can easily resize to web size and thumbnails, but can't recreate any loss in quality if compressed badly or resaved too many times!

Please send the necessary information and photographs to photos@girlguidingtamworth.org.uk.

Note: If you don't have an email client configured then you may need to cut photos@girlguidingtamworth.org.uk and paste it into your email.

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