Tamworth Division

There are Units for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in each District, whilst the Division's Senior Section all meet together. There is at least one Girlguiding Unit meeting every night of the school week, during term time, with many trips and activities at weekends and during school holidays.

Helping to make all this happen is a team of volunteers.


Every Unit has it's own team, there are:

  • Guiders,

  • Assistant Guiders,

  • Unit Helpers,

  • Treasurers,

  • Young Leaders and

  • Occasional Helpers.

The Districts, and the Division, that they belong to have teams themselves with many roles to help support the Units.


Tamworth Division covers a large area, from Coton Green to Dosthill and from Mile Oak to Wilnecote. The Division is split into three Districts, each with it's own District Commissioner:

  • St. Editha's

  • Vincent

  • Watling


You can see how the Division team structure works below, and just how many jobs there are too!

County, Region and beyond...

Tamworth Division is part of Girlguiding Staffordshire, which is one of the counties in Midland Region. Girlguiding Midlands in turn belongs to Girlguiding UK, which is itself a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Girls 5 to 7

Girls 7 to 10

Girls 10 to 14

Young Women 14 to 25

Adult Volunteers

Guiding Supporters

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